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I am so excited to have our wonderful new third grade class!! We are also trying to stock up for the year while the back to school sales are going strong. All supplies for your student are provided in class and your donations are a huge part of making that happen. Here is a list of things we need all the time if you want to help contribute. Thanks so much!

Tissues - ALL YEAR!

 Clorox Wipes- ALL YEAR!

 Paper Plates

 Clear small plastic plates

 Napkins

 Plastic cups

 Small white foam cups

 “Dentist spit cup” sized plastic cups from dollar tree

 Pencils - ALL YEAR!

 Erasers

 Dry Erase markers- Many colors

 Straws

 Pipe Cleaners

 Paintbrushes

 Paint - watercolor and regular

 Zip lock Bags - Gallon, Sandwich, snack, quart

 Band-Aids - ALL YEAR!

 Any little fun prizes for monthly class auction - ALL YEAR!

 Fun Holiday books - do you have a favorite picture or chapter book related to any holiday?

 Small and Big Address Labels

 Glue Sticks

 Sheet Protectors